teen wolf fashion meme

Scott McCall + plaid

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Lydia Martin in season four: episode two, “117

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"I have to admit, I don’t have much experience with banshees."
“That makes two of us, since I don’t have much experience being one.”

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I need 6 minutes of this not 6 seconds.

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get to know me meme: [6/10] favorite celebrities » dianna elise agron

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sean come on

sean we’ve been friends

we’ve been on the same trip for 16 days

sean pls

just accept my fb request 

sean pls

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6 am and craving mcdonalds lmao

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Chris Evans during Marvel’s panel at the San Diego Comic Con 2014

Chris Evans during Marvel’s panel at the San Diego Comic Con 2014

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when you have that one friend you wanna see naked but cant because FRIEND

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so i met a bunch of guy friends in europe!! uwu

there was jacob who i met on day 3 and is 6’3” and mature but funny and would be the one to take pictures for me if i was too short and would hold onto my backpack so i wouldn’t get lost/would find me since he’s hella tall lmao and we ended up being really close to each other after one day (people thought we knew each other before the trip) and idk i ended up crushing on him lmao he ended up becoming my biffle and he fought kristen for the title omg

then there was dom who was hella cool (he was jacob’s friend) and i just wanted to be his friend lmao and i called him cranberry bc he said his full name once and he put in all his nicknames and i thought i heard cranberry in it so it just kinda stuck 
and in germany he got drunk by sneaking beer into a juice bottle lmao and when the director’s wife asked him if he was ok he was like “yeah im just a little disoriented because of the new scenery and everything” and he also spent over 310 euros on swarovski jewelry for himself
and also at the “”party”” on the last night he had a band strap thing with a clip and whenever he pressed the clip it would fly out and at one point jacob leaned forward to listen and dom looked at me and gave me a head nod and i did one back and then he shot it at me lmao and it scared me and he started laughing quietly and at the end he taught me a handshake and it’s our thing now omg

and erik was a guy who made me laugh all the time and would always manage to embarass me with the boys i like like how he did with sean in that other post smh and he hung out w/ me all the time and he basically liked fucking shit up lmao

and then there was jonathan but i wasn’t rly friends with him but he was hella cute and he was basically niko’s doppelganger like he looked exactly like niko and he laughed like niko and he did percussion and it was weird and we always would stare at each other and shit 

and  tanner was a guy i ended up meeting near the end of the trip and he liked to make me laugh like anything he said would just make me laugh so hard i would cry idk like the way he said things too would make me laugh like the first time he leaned over and whispered the word moist in my ear and it made  me laugh so hard i couldn’t breathe and after that he would just come up randomly and say something and then i would laugh and he started introducing me to everyone as “the girl who laughs at everything” and yeah lmao

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